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Papercrafts Top Tips

Tip 1.

A cheap way to make paper embossing easier when using a stylus and light box is to rub a wax candle over the back of the card first. You will find that your stylus glides over the surface rather then getting stuck and tearing your paper.


Tip 2.

Decoupage, especially napkin decoupage, is a simple but very effective technique for decorating various surfaces.


There are two different brands of medium which produce excellent results every time: Mod Podge and Jo Sonja's.



Mod Podge Gloss, Matt or Shimmer are ideal for applying napkins to canvas, glass, ceramics, jewellery, paper mache, plastic, vinyl, wood and mdf.


Mod Podge Paper (Gloss or Matt) is acid free and perfect for applying napkins for scrapbooking projects.


Mod Podge Fabric is designed to apply napkins to fabric.


Mod Podge Hard Coat is for applying napkins to home decor projects, including paper mache, wood, glass and plastic as well as jewellery.


Mod Podge Outdoor is for the application of napkins to any project which is to be used outside eg plant pots and garden decorations.



Jo Sonja's All Purpose Sealer is used to apply napkins to wood, mdf, etc.


Jo Sonja's Glass & Tile Medium is used to apply napkins to glass (inc mirrors) and ceramics.

Jo Sonja's Textile Medium is used to apply napkins to cotton fabric - to make the fabric wipeable and protect it from marks apply a coat of All Purpose Sealer over the top.


Tip 3.



An easy way to apply peel off stickers to projects is to use low tack tape. Take a piece of tape longer than the peel off and stick it on your clothing a few times to make it even more low tack (by picking up fibres). Use a craft knife to remove the inside bits of letters etc before sticking the tape over the top. Peel the backing of the peel off back on itself to encourage the peel off to come away stuck to the tape. Position the tape over your project where you want the peel off to be and then stick it down, giving it a light rub. Peel the tape back on itself to remove it and make sure the peel off is well stuck. This is an especially useful technique when sticking greetings that are separate words as it will ensure that they are in alignment.


Tip 4.



If your craft punch doesn't appear to be punching as well as it used to try sharpening it by punching kitchen foil a few times.


If giving a jammed punch a bang on a hard surface doesn't release it, try putting it in the freezer for a few minutes. You may find that the metal contracts slightly helping it to release.